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Over the years we’ve worked hard on a diverse range of projects, constantly pushing the capabilities of both ourselves and our kit. Whatever the size and length of the project, we’re proud of everything we do. Our work has been shown all over the world, impacting lives and changing perceptions, with no one project the same as the other.

Malawi Project

One of the latest projects undertaken by Alex Wilkinson Media was documenting the implementation of technology and its impact on education for children in Malawi.

As one of the poorest countries in the world, it faces many problems including HIV/AIDS, Malaria and little economic growth. It has been suggested that one way to bring the country out of the depths of poverty is to improve the standard of education. We were tasked with filming the implementation of various technologies including projectors and tablets in primary schools. The hope is that Malawi will soon have this technology implemented across the country.

“After arriving in Malawi for this project, I was quick to discover the country’s beauty with its vast green plains and what seemed like randomly placed mountains across the country which broke up the landscape. The people were lovely and the kids were adorable, always excited to see the ‘man with the camera’, with smiles beaming across their faces. I noticed the children in Malawi are determined to try their hardest in every class no matter what difficulties they may face in the rest of their life.”

Alex Wilkinson


Learning about various industries and the potential future that may come about is one of the biggest perks of the job. Having worked in a range of industries and produced a range of material from photos to virtual tours, everyday is a school day. Not only do we find out about different industries, we also continually learn about the techniques and kit we can implement to provide the best results in some of the most challenging situations.

During a project on the Hydrothermal Carbonisation Unit, we filmed some of the latest technology being implemented which is designed to convert waste food and vegetation into coal. A process which normally takes a millennia can now be completed in hours. This in turn creates a useful product that can be used for combustion, ensuring all possible products can be used in full. On this job, we got to use a vast array of equipment from DJI gimbals to the Canon c300 mkii.

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